The Success Formula
Would you welcome assistance with business planning; raising finance; marketing; financial forecasting or any other aspect of your business? Then we can almost certainly help you.
Since 1993, we have helped businesses throughout Wales to increase sales and profits; improve cash flow; plan growth and organisational development; resolve survival issues and a host of other issues.
Every organisation needs to produce business plans; financial forecasts; marketing plans; and other reports from time to time.  As these plans are usually used to present a business case it is essential that they  do justice to your organisation.
We specialise in business planning and can either help you to produce professional plans or do the work for you.  We can also advise you on the viability of new projects, products and services.
A grant can help you to acquire resources that you would otherwise not be able to afford - and a grant doesn't have to be repaid. 

We can help you to find suitable grants for which you may be eligible and either manage the entire application process for you or advise and support you while you do the work yourself.
How to Get a Grant - Book
If you are serious about applying for grants, buying this book could be the best investment you ever make

About Us
Working with a multi-disciplinary team of associates, Management Support Wales provides bilingual business consultancy and training services throughout North & Mid Wales.  We are committed to providing the highest possible quality of support for organisations of all kinds and have been doing this very successfully for a long time. 
Our advisers are highly qualified and experienced in their specialist fields, so you have access to a powerful team.  The owner and principal adviser is Arthur Crump, who started the practice in 1993.  He has unusually broad experience of business management, ranging from start-ups to international corporations.  Starting his own electronics company at the age of 32, he has owned and managed several others since, both in the UK and the MIddle East. He has over 30 years' experience of advising businesses of many kinds in several countries.

We have been privileged to help hundreds of organisations, both large and small, over the last 30 years and continue to do so. We can provide or source advice on almost any business subject and operate through the medium of either English or Welsh.